Monster Hunter Characters Will Join Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

The number of limited counters is one of the “problems” that are often the focus of attention when talking about Capcom’s latest fighting game – Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. The battle that contains characters from Marvel and Capcom in this same space is indeed like playing “safe” for the characters they are stretcher, following a formula similar to the previous series. Either the good news or bad in your ear, Capcom actually still contains many characters to be added in the future. Only, he will present as a paid DLC.

Capcom announced some new characters they are preparing to add in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. Unfortunately, these characters will be available as part of the “2017 Character Pass” which they will offer as part of Deluxe Edition which of course, is sold more expensive. This Character Pass will allow gamers to access the extra 6 characters before the year 2017 is over. From the Marvel camp, there are Black Panther, Venom, Winter Soldier, and also Black Widow. While from the Capcom camp, this pass will load Sigma and also – a character from Monster Hunter.

It is unclear whether these characters will be available without purchasing this Pass in the future or not. In the meantime, Capcom is showing a two-character form – Sigma and Black Panther, while promising sightings for the other four extra characters in the future.

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