Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Character List: Leaking?

Roster – a character that gamers can use in a fighting game certainly plays an important role as one of the attractions and considerations for gamers as potential customers. The fewer roster characters on offer, regardless of how balanced they are, the potential for content that is vulnerable feels monotonous and boring. The more characters, the more variations a game can create, the more likely it is for the developer to accommodate the unique fighting styles of each player. Latest rumors make this element seem to be something worth worrying about the latest fighting game concoction Capcom – Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

Ryce – one of the famous NeoGaf users through “leak” MvC: Infinite in the past that leads to the truth to write the complete list of rosters Capcom is preparing for this latest series. Fewer than the MvC series in the past, he reportedly will contain no more than 26 “only” characters from two camps. As we know, Infinite is now carrying the battle mode 2v2 and not 3v3 like the previous series. Who are the roster offered? This is it:


  • Arthur
  • Firebrand
  • Chun-Li
  • Dante
  • Chris
  • Morrigan
  • Jedah
  • Nemesis
  • Monster Hunter
  • Strider Hiryu
  • Spencer
  • Ryu
  • X


  • Captain America
  • Ant-Man
  • Captain Marvel
  • Gamora
  • Doctor Strange
  • Hawkeye
  • Hulk
  • Nova
  • Iron Man
  • Rocket / Groot
  • Thanos
  • Spider-Man
  • Thor
  • Ultron

Capcom is also reportedly preparing the characters offered as DLC, including Venom in it. Although Ryce himself did not know when this DLC would be about to slide. Of course, Capcom itself is still not open mouth related rumors that began widely reported this. So in the meantime, this news is still counted as rumors and mere speculation.

MVC: Infinite itself is planned to be released on September 19, 2017 for the upcoming Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – PC. How about you? Quite satisfied with roster like this?

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