Marvel Games Still Have Many New Game Projects

It is almost impossible to never enjoy Marvel products in the entertainment industry today. With comics that have existed for such a long time, Disney’s acquisition of Marvel also succeeded in giving birth to a Cinematic Universe that never featured impressively in every series that was released. Each iconic superhero is wrapped with its own unique story and then work together or even, fight each other on The Avengers. But no longer just a comic or a movie, there is a “unique” trend that seems to be their middle of the giati. True, launching more adaptation processes into video games!

Because no messing, in just a matter of months, we’ve met with the product or just an announcement about the video game with the name “Marvel Games” in it. We’re talking about the latest Guardians of the Galaxy game from Telltale, the Spiderman game being prepared by Insomniac Games, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite from Capcom, to a mysterious project with Square Enix that will be handled by seasoned developers Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. One thing for sure, they will not stop there.

In his latest interview with GameSpot, Executive Marvel Games – Jay Ong mentions that Marvel still has some games that they have not announced to the public. Not only for consoles and PCs, this product is also targeted for the mobile market and VR / AR. Not only that, Ong also mentioned that Marvel now has started the video game as the main pillars of the latest serious. They will begin to build their own “universe” through new stories through this medium. As an early example? Spiderman Game from Insomniac Games that even comes with the latest costume.

With so many iconic superheroes that they can further exploit in the future, it is certainly interesting to see what kind of “surprises” are being prepared by Marvel Games. How about you? Of all the potential that can be born from the Marvel universe, what kind of games do you most dream of born of him?

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