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About This Game

Do you want to have a battle between all the Marvel heroes and villains? Here is a game that will make your wish come true. The Marvel Contest of Champions is a very exciting fighting game where you can select two players from heroes or Marvel villains. You will be having some moves and fighting techniques of the characters that you are choosing thus you have to choose the best one. The game has some interesting features like energy betterment and skill development. You can have the best hero and boost its powers by increasing its confidence by winning.

The plot of the game is quite funny. You are having such a big union of all the Marvel characters, and now you want them to fight with each other. This is a real fun. Imagine Spiderman fighting with an iron man and both of them getting more and more furious by the time. You can play some of the best free fightings with the hero you liked the most against the villain that you hated the most. The plot gets really interesting when you choose a hero with its villain and make your way to the highest levels.

The control of the game is an ultimate bliss. If you are having a complete set of action keys and control keys on your touch screen, then it is going to be a problem rather than a game. Thus the game allows you to control your player as well as its movements and actions. You can attack your enemy by just swiping and tapping your finger on the screen. This makes the game much easier than you can imagine. The best thing about the controls is that you can have the player right under your finger and all its moves can be controlled effectively.

The graphics of the game are exceptionally ordinary. The game is for the mobiles and thus must be such that it can be supported by all. If your graphic requirements are much more than what an average phone can support then the game is not more likely to be played by many. Thus the game has some moderate graphics that can be allowed by all the average phones. There are times when you get really fed up by the graphics that the others lag and do not want to continue the game. This game will not be the same case.

Visual effects
A fight must look like a fight. Some visual effects really add a lot in the Marvel Contest of Champions. If you have hit anyone then surely the visual effects will it much more interesting and fun. The movement of the opponents when you have hit them is the real masterpiece. The visual effects are also quite attractive when you are this close of winning and losing. Whenever you are close to the winning situations the visual effects tends to get better. The game has some really nice visual effects. Some of them are really fun.